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Art Intel Classes

Linda Harlow -- 09-02-2014

Art Intel

Artists use the art elements and principles as they develop their compositions knowingly or unknowingly. The exercises from this class will become references to show you how manipulating a couple of the elements or principles within your composition can make it a stronger presentation for your viewing audience. Using different colors schemes, varying line qualities, adding textures, or developing a stronger center of interest will take your visual art to the next level. A fun class that helps you overcome blocks and accesses the right side of your brain faster. You will have more alternatives to use as you problem solve your art work.

Art Intel II

You will develop an out of the box “strata” composition of your choosing using a variety of texturing gels and mediums to add more interesting detail to your compositions. Also develop an understanding of how you can use the different mediums on your paper or canvas for different drawing/painting materials singularly or in combinations. You will be taught how to do “painterly layering” for your compositions as well as a printing style that will reveal symbols that belong to you. The majority of your painting will develop without much brush work.

Art Intel III

This class will be an overview of different mark making and brushes and brush strokes that you can use to do the details within your composition. You will work on additional reference materials with textures, color and brush strokes. You will have a better understanding of why certain artists use the brush strokes that they use: scumbling, scraping back, glazing, washing, impasto, dabbing, blending, hatching, masking, scoring, pouring, and pointillism.

All of the above classes have been developed for a fun learning experience for the beginner through the advance artist and I hope you will join us and add to the fun!

Register for any or all of the above classes at artist-alley.com,

108 E. Fort King Street, Ocala, FL 34471 (352) 351-2787

Classes will be on Mondays x 6 weeks from Sept 15 thru October 20, 2014

Art Intel II 10a.m. – 12 noon

Art Intel III 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Art Intel 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

$75 for each set of six weeks classes, non refundable

Minimum of three students for a classGiven by:Vandy ShakePresident of Ocala Art GroupImage35@cox.net352 873-1689



Linda Harlow -- 08-04-2014

Fully loaded, it's between the buns that count.  Lean the techniques of "Strata Art" and many other exciting way to add dimension and interest to your art. 

Art Intel Classes Monday's in the gallery 10 am to Noon.  Starting September 15 thur October 20, 2014,  $75 for all six classes

Presented by Vandy Shake, President of The Ocala Art Goup  More info contact Vandy at Image35@cox.net or call 352-873-1689 to leave a message.

Why “Starving Artist”…

After making meals for years for family and friends I finally realized all of that was traded for working in the studio.  With the ideas and paint flying who takes time away when you are so involved with what you are creating- to eat!  I’m constantly thinking of new ideas, new mental angles to teach, and just enjoying being in the zone with my art! Even on the road my husband will take down notes for me of ideas that come to my mind (I’m the driver)! I much rather paint to sell than be in the kitchen preparing and eating so… I probably would starve as I continue to create.

Get your paint and brushes out and let’s have fun with ART INTEL!

See you soon!